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Staff Directory

To leave a phone message for a staff member at Gold Trail School, call our 24 hour District Message Line at (530) 626-8030 and enter the three digit extention noted to the right of that staff member's name.

To email a staff member at Gold Trail School, click on the "envelope" to the left of that staff member's name.

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Aguilar, Terry ex.355 Teacher (Jr. High and 4-5 resource)
Cain, Glen ex.311 Teacher (4/8 Performing Arts)
Canfield, Sarah ex.352 Teacher (6th Grade)
Carlton, Rachel ex.316 Teacher (6-8 Resource)
Dunn, Keven ex.374 Teacher (4/5 PE)
Garcia, Amber ex.312 Teacher (Jr High)
Harris, Marta ex.354 Teacher (6th Grade)
Havner, Linda ex.362 Director of Transportation
Holler, Boyd Principal
Hornsby, Debbie ex.303 Teacher (4th Grade)
Jackson, Brad ex.380 Director of Maintenance
Jackson, Carina ex.306 Teacher (5th Grade)
Kelly, Ron ex.308 Teacher (6/8 County)
Koenig, Kerry ex.356 Teacher (Jr High)
Lulla, Danny ex.305 Teacher (5th Grade)
Morgan, Sandi ex.302 Teacher (4th Grade)
Mulligan, Katy ex.353 Teacher (6th Grade)
Nurses, GTUSD ex.367 Chavon Tolbert, Margaret Moore, Marilyn Kitt
Perez, Jose ex.357 Teacher (Jr High)
Poulsen, Becky ex.314 Teacher (Jr High)
Reynolds, Julie ex.300 Office Manager
Romig, Cheryl ex.351 Teacher (5th Grade)
Spies, Linda ex.366 Director of Food Services
Weekly, Mickie ex.364 Office / Attendance
White, Heather ex.309 Teacher (4/6 County)
Whitmore, Jen ex.301 Teacher (4th grade)
Yates, Yvonne ex.358 Teacher (Jr High)
Yost, Amy ex.315 Teacher (Jr HIgh)